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Bridging the Worlds of Traditional Finance and Decentralised Networks

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A Growing Ecosystem For Tokenized World

APG COIN Ecosystem empowers to the developers, liquidity providers & traders to participate in Financial Space. We contribute Next future of DeFi to the new world.

AMM DEX Platform

APG COIN Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) with Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocols helps you to gain massive traction with interest.

Smart Yield Farming

APG COIN Access multi-chain liquidity sources from one platform and share the high yield to its Ecosystem.

IDO & NFT Marketplace

APG COIN Build the IDO & NFT Marketplace for digital goods built for affordability on the (BSC) and other blockchain, where NFTs meets DeFi.


Farming (yield farming) is the practice of staking or lending crypto assets in order to generate high returns in the form of additional cryptocurrency while supporting liquidity on crypto exchanges.

APG COIN Farming enables APG COIN holders to pool liquidity in support of token trading on Pancakeswap(and soon APG COINSwap) which subsequently yields guaranteed returns in the form of trading fees.

APG COIN Farming features the following:

  • Earn a share of market trading fees proportional to your liquidity contribution on a designated exchange
  • Earn additional rewards by staking LP tokens in the APG COIN farming pools
  • Get access to pre-sale allocations of new project launches taking off from APG COIN LaunchPad
  • Get enhanced allocations (up to 1.75x) with the time-based multipliers for long term farming (3 tiers of multipliers)
  • Access 4 farming pools with monthly rewards that include a 72-hour, 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day locking period.
  • Deposit liquidity with no deposit fee and only a 0.5% withdrawal fee
  • Get enhanced allocations with the time based multipliers for long term farming

Addition benefits of farming include:

  • APG COINSwap Profit share
  • Borrowing/Lending Profit share (early Fall 2022)
  • APG COINPredict Profit share (when launched)
  • APG COINSwap Advertising Profit share (when launched)


APG COIN's token launch vehicle for bringing new cryptocurrency projects to market is where you can participate in primary token offerings based on your APG COIN staking or farming balance and tenure.

APG COIN LaunchPad provides:
  • Expert vetting of early-stage blockchain projects and APG COIN Seal of Approval
  • Mandatory smart contract audits by Blockchain Consilium or another top-tier third party auditor
  • Know Your Customer (“KYC”) of the project team
  • Strict and safe liquidity requirements
  • Pre-sale token and liquidity locks for accepted projects
  • Access to APG COIN partners for marketing, listing, and technical services


APG Token NFT Policy.

APG Token NFT was established by a team of crypto enthusiasts with the primary goal to create insane NFTs. At the moment of the project under developement, and we will be running a presale after official launch! the main Idea to allow the investors to buy at the best price before the project is launched.

How do NFT MEME appear?

So APG Token NFT created 200 pieces of unique meme collection, It will be released one by one in official NFT website of APG Token.

Reason To Buy APG Token NFT

The primary goal of APG Token NFT is to create exclusive meme of NFT collection and resale. APG team has abandoned the idead of creating large number of meme collection, that is whay our meme collection is only 200 pieces of arts. Every meme is unique and has it's rate.

General Information

After launch, 200 pieces of meme collection released. In order to stimulate the inestors, we decided to distribute 200 NFTs among the top 150 holders.

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